Although Gastric Sleeve Surgery allows patients to lose weight quickly and overcome obesity, it also has an impact on their quality of life. In this respect, it would not be wrong to say that it is a procedure with versatile results. For this reason, it is highly favoured today.


Sleeve gastrectomy is a procedure with short and long-term results. If the operation is performed successfully and patients follow their doctors’ instructions afterwards, patients’ lives are completely transformed. The effects of Gastric Sleeve Surgery on quality of life are as follows:


The most important problem of obesity patients is their high weight. Despite diet and exercise, they have great difficulty losing this weight. Their weight is the factor that continues to restrict their life and quality of life. An obese patient has actually lost all hope of losing weight. Gastric sleeve surgery was developed for people in this situation.

After the operation, patients start to lose weight very quickly. While an average weight loss of 6-10 kg is recorded in the first month, the average weight loss in the following months is 4-6 kg. Those who continue to exercise and diet can lose around 50 kg in the first 6 months. Weight loss therefore has a positive effect on quality of life in many respects.


Obesity is a disease that affects the quality of life of people who are overweight. However, high weight is not the only negative aspect. There are also a number of chronic health problems. Diseases such as type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure can have a negative impact on quality of life and lead to a worsening of health problems.

With such diseases, patients have to constantly take medication. To a certain extent, patients have to live in dependence on the medication. This situation has a negative impact on the quality of life.

Obesity is eliminated with Gastric Sleeve Surgery. Depending on the removal of excess weight, such diseases may also disappear. Diseases that occur due to obesity are treated indirectly by removing the excess weight.


Eliminating excess weight has a direct effect on the patient’s psyche. People’s general appearance improves and their body perception changes for the better. As a result, they participate more in social life and their self-confidence increases.

However, obesity also causes various psychological problems. These are not easy to overcome in the course of obesity treatment. However, patients who get rid of their excess weight overcome their psychological problems in a short time. In this respect, Gastric Sleeve Surgery has a positive effect on the human psyche.


Being overweight requires slow movement. Even if people want to, their mobility is restricted. This situation means that patients spend their time at home and no longer go out. As a result, social life largely comes to a standstill. However, when patients lose weight, their mobility increases rapidly. This has the opposite effect and patients’ lives change for the better.

The increased mobility means that patients no longer have to spend all their time at home. They go out, establish new social relationships and satisfy needs that are brought to them from outside.


One of the most important effects of Gastric Sleeve Surgery is eating habits. Obesity patients are very unsuccessful at dieting. Because they make a habit of eating, they find it difficult to stop. These habits remain even after the Gastric Sleeve. However, due to the effects of the operation, they now find it easier to stick to their diets.

The reduction in the size of the stomach as a result of the operation means that patients can no longer eat too much, even if they want to. Patients achieve a feeling of fullness with smaller portions. In addition, the reduction in the size of the stomach means that fewer hunger hormones are released. This reduces the patient’s appetite.

This whole process changes the patient’s eating habits in a positive way. However, it should not be forgotten that patients must be willing to maintain the habits acquired in the first phases.


Gastric Sleeve has various positive effects on quality of life. Thanks to these effects, patients can now lead a healthy lifestyle. Maintaining this lifestyle is in the hands of the patients themselves. Patients who follow the instructions, recommendations and warnings given to them can lead a permanently healthy life.

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