Selecting candidates for Gastric Sleeve surgery- Who is a suitable candidate? Gastric Sleeve surgeryis one of the best methods for treating obesity. It enables patients to lose 30-50 kg within the first six months after the procedure. However, despite its high effectiveness, it is not suitable for everyone.

So how are candidates for Gastric Sleeve surgery selected?

Before the procedure, examinations of the gastric mantle must be performed.

Gastric Sleeve surgery is a surgical procedure that is extremely effective in combating obesity and overweight. In other words, not everyone who wants a Gastric Sleeve surgery is a suitable candidate. Gastric Sleeve surgery is a surgical procedure that is extremely effective in combating obesity and overweight. However, some prerequisites are required to qualify for this procedure.

Individuals who are considering this surgery are screened using various criteria. Based on the data obtained from these evaluations, it can be clearly determined whether or not patients are candidates. Details of the assessments carried out are set out below:

DEGREE OF ADIPOSITY The degree of obesity is one of the most important prerequisites for this procedure. Gastric sleeve surgery provides very effective weight loss results and is therefore only performed on obese patients. This procedure is only suitable for people with obesity who cannot get rid of their excess weight despite other efforts.

However, it is important to note that it is not suitable for all obese patients. Only patients with a certain degree of obesity can undergo the operation.

This level is determined by body mass index, with those with a BMI of 35 or higher being eligible for this surgery.

Different treatment methods are used for patients with a lower body mass index. For this reason, the severity of obesity can be considered the most important factor.

As is already known, obesity can also cause various diseases. If a disease such as type 2 diabetes or high blood pressure is associated with obesity, a body mass index of 30 can be set as a limit value. The decision on this is up to the medical specialist. Depending on the applicant’s general health, this requirement may be lowered to 30 or maintained.


Gastric Sleeve surgery is a surgical procedure that is only suitable for candidates with no obstacles to the operation. If a candidate’s general health is not suitable for the procedure, they will not be able to benefit from this procedure. Candidates who are in

  • Cardiovascular diseases
  • Liver diseases
  • Respiratory system diseases

Persons with kidney failure are generally not suitable.

People with such health problems are subject to a high surgical risk. This applies not only to gastric bypass surgery, but to any form of surgical intervention.

Before every operation, the patient’s medical history is examined in detail and the appropriate tests and examinations are carried out. Based on all these examinations, the surgeon assesses the patient and decides whether he or she is a suitable candidate for the operation.

With regard to anesthesia

patients must be suitable for surgery and have no obstacles to anesthesia. The drugs used for anesthesia can cause allergic reactions in rare cases.

There are also other conditions that may prevent anesthesia, such as respiratory conditions, pregnant women, people who are overweight or people who have had problems with anesthesia in the past.

These people may not be suitable for anesthesia. A thorough anesthesia examination is also performed on these individuals when screening candidates prior to surgery, and age plays an important role.

Gastric Sleeve surgeryis an appropriate procedure for patients between the ages of 18 and 65. For patients outside this age range, other obesity treatment options are available and therefore a psychological assessment should be carried out.

Gastric Sleeve surgery can be challenging in the initial post-operative period, even if it results in weight loss. In addition, eating habits should be changed to achieve lasting results from the surgery.

To successfully navigate the post-operative period, candidates should be psychologically prepared for the process. Those who are not psychologically ready have great difficulties after the operation and need psychological support. Furthermore, these people have difficulty changing their eating habits. Accordingly, the weight lost after the operation is regained after some time.

There are various treatment options.

Although Gastric Sleeve surgery is a highly effective method, it is not the right treatment for everyone. Even if obesity patients opt for this surgery, they may be recommended different treatments for evaluation. It can be seen that different treatment methods can lead to more effective results.

After careful examinations, patients are informed about the appropriate treatment options as well as their risks and effects. In consultation with the doctor, the patient decides which treatment they want. It is important to take the doctor’s recommendations into account.

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