Gastric Sleeve Surgery is one of the most effective methods developed to combat obesity. In this procedure, candidates get rid of their obesity by losing a very large part of their excess weight. However, in order to achieve the desired result, the preparation for the procedure must be carried out correctly.


Gastric Sleeve Surgery is an extremely extensive surgical procedure. The consequences are not only physical, but also psychological. Therefore, candidates must prepare themselves thoroughly before the procedure. While part of this preparation is done by the surgeon, the other part is done by the patient under the guidance of the surgeon.


The doctor will give detailed instructions on how to feed the patient. During this time, patients are asked to eat a protein-rich diet and avoid fats and carbohydrates.

The instructions on this point vary from patient to patient. However, it is generally recommended that patients eat light foods such as soups, salads and vegetables and avoid high-calorie and heavy roasts and fats in the period before the operation.

If you prefer a light diet in the period before the operation, the procedure will be much more pleasant. A light diet also helps to reduce the occurrence of flatulence, bloating and similar problems after an operation.


Gastric Sleeve Surgery is a procedure that aims to get rid of excess weight. However, patients may be asked to go on a diet before this procedure. Whether or not to diet and the extent of the diet will be decided solely by the specialist. Although there are various reasons for dieting, the most important one is to reduce high risks.

Factors such as a very high body mass index and a fatty liver can increase the risk of surgery. To reduce these risks, patients are asked to go on a diet and lose a certain amount of weight. The diet is not required of every patient, but only of patients with certain conditions.


Everyone is aware of the health risks of alcohol and smoking. In the context of surgery, these risks are even greater. Therefore, patients should completely abstain from alcohol and smoking before surgery, and if they cannot stop, they should take a break.

Alcohol and smoking have a negative effect on the healing process of the tissue and impair blood flow. All of this directly reduces the success rate of the operation.


Although gastric sleeve surgery appears to produce physical results, it also affects the patient’s psyche. Therefore, candidates must be psychologically evaluated prior to surgery to determine if they are suitable for this procedure.

The psychological assessment also takes into account the patient’s psychiatric disorders, drug addiction and emotional state. The result may even indicate that patients are not suitable for the procedure in question.

The Ministry of Health has made some tests and examinations mandatory for patients before bariatric surgery. Psychological assessment is one of them.


A series of medical tests and examinations are required to determine whether the patient is suitable for the procedure. First, blood values, vitamin and mineral status are checked. Then x-rays, breathing tests, cardiology tests and other tests deemed necessary will be performed. The results will show whether patients are suitable for the procedure and how long and how they will recover after the operation.


The most important preparation that patients need to make is how they will get to the hospital. First of all, patients have to stay in the hospital for 2-4 days after this procedure. Therefore, candidates need to organize an escort for this procedure.

It is important not to take any valuable items to the hospital and to wear comfortable clothing. Clothing with buttons down the front is preferable to make it easier to wear.

Patients who spend the first few days after hospitalization at rest should organize someone who can support them during this process.

WHO IS SUITABLE FOR Gastric Sleeve Surgery?

The preparations before gastric sleeve surgery also ensure that candidates are suitable for the procedure. This procedure is recommended for people with a body mass index of 35 and above. However, it is also recommended for people with a body mass index of 30 and above who suffer from conditions such as high blood pressure.

Gastric Sleeve Surgery is suitable for those who do not have an anesthetic obstruction, who are psychologically ready for this procedure and who do not have any health problems that prevent surgery.

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