Nowadays, more and more people are opting for Gastric Sleeve surgery to reduce their weight and live healthier lives. However, choosing the right clinic for this procedure is crucial for the success and safety of the patient. In this blog post, I will introduce the best Gastric Sleeve clinic in Turkey and discuss the comprehensive preparation and aftercare offered at this clinic. Find out why Turkey is an attractive destination for medical treatments and what all-round care is like at the best clinic.

The Best Gastric Sleeve Clinic In Turkey

Choosing a Gastric Sleeve clinic in Turkey is an important decision for anyone who wants to undergo this type of surgery. It is important to find a clinic that has experienced doctors, modern equipment and a good reputation. In this article, we will talk about the best Gastric Sleeve clinic in Turkey and why it is a top choice.

The best Gastric Sleeve clinic in Turkey offers comprehensive all-round care for all patients. From preparation to aftercare, the focus is on the patient. The doctors and medical staff are highly qualified and have extensive experience in performing Gastric Sleeve surgery.

Preparation for a Gastric Sleeve is an important step to ensure the success of the operation. At the best clinic, patients are thoroughly examined and receive a personalized treatment plan. This includes a comprehensive consultation, laboratory tests and a detailed medical history. Doctors work closely with patients to achieve the best results.

At the best Gastric Sleeve clinic in Turkey, there are various procedures to choose from. These include sleeve gastrectomy, gastric bypass and duodenal switch surgery. The team of experts advises patients in detail about the advantages and disadvantages of each procedure in order to make the best decision together.

In addition to the operation, the clinic also offers comprehensive aftercare. This includes regular check-ups, nutritional advice and support with lifestyle changes. Patients are supported and guided throughout the process to ensure the long-term success of the surgery.

The best Gastric Sleeve clinic in Turkey not only offers first-class medical care, but also a comfortable environment for patients. Modern facilities and first-class equipment contribute to the well-being of patients. In addition, Turkey is known for its hospitality and warmth, which makes patients’ stay pleasant and stress-free.

The best Gastric Sleeve clinic in Turkey offers first-class care for patients considering Gastric Sleeve surgery. With experienced doctors, comprehensive all-round care and modern facilities, it is the ideal choice. Contact the clinic for more information and schedule a consultation to start your journey to a healthier life.

Preparation And Aftercare: The All-Round Care In The Best Clinic

Preparation and aftercare are crucial aspects of a successful Gastric Sleeve. At the best Gastric Sleeve clinic in Turkey, patients are offered comprehensive all-round care. The clinic places great emphasis on thorough preparation and professional aftercare to achieve the best possible result.


Preparation for a Gastric Sleeve is of great importance to ensure the safety and success of the procedure. At the best Gastric Sleeve clinic in Turkey, each patient undergoes a comprehensive examination and consultation before the procedure. Various diagnostic tests are carried out, such as blood tests, ECG and a comprehensive medical history. Patients also receive detailed information about the procedure as well as possible risks and complications. This enables patients to make well-informed decisions and prepare themselves optimally for the operation.


Aftercare following a Gastric Sleeve is just as important as the preparation. At the best Gastric Sleeve clinic in Turkey, patients are offered professional and personalized aftercare. Patients are regularly monitored and cared for by experienced doctors and specialist staff. Regular follow-up examinations are carried out to monitor the healing process and detect any complications at an early stage. Patients also receive detailed advice on dietary changes and follow-up treatment. The clinic is also available to patients at any time after the operation to answer questions and offer support.

There are a large number of highly qualified and experienced doctors in Turkey who specialize in bariatric surgery. They offer customized treatment plans and a comprehensive service for international patients. With the savings on Gastric Sleeve surgery, patients can receive their surgery and post-operative care at a fraction of the cost in their home country.

It is important to emphasize that Gastric Sleeve surgeries in Turkey are of excellent quality and meet all international safety standards. Turkish clinics are equipped with the latest technology and provide a comfortable and safe environment for patients. The results of the operations are both effective and long-lasting in most cases.

Some advantages of performing a Gastric Sleeve in Turkey are:

  • Cost savings compared to other countries
  • Excellent medical care by experienced doctors
  • Modern facilities and advanced technology
  • Comfortable and safe environment for patients
Type of Gastric Bypass SurgeryPrice Range in Turkey (£)Price Range in Western European Countries (£)
Standard Gastric Reduction2,500£10,000£ – 15,000£
Mini-Gastric Bypass3,100£12,000£ – 18,000£

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