Gastric sleeve surgery is a surgical procedure that is performed on people who are severely overweight and for whom other weight loss methods have been unsuccessful. In this blog post, we will take a closer look at this topic. We will explain what a Gastric Sleeve Surgery is, who is a suitable candidate for it and which clinics in London are considered the best for this procedure. We will also explain the possible risks and side effects of a Gastric Sleeve Surgery to provide our readers with a comprehensive overview of this topic.

Although there are many renowned clinics in London that specialize in Gastric Sleeve Surgery, the costs in London range from 10,000 sterling to 15,000 sterling.

In Turkey, there are a large number of highly qualified and experienced doctors who specialize in bariatric surgery. They offer customized treatment plans and a comprehensive service for international patients. With the savings on Gastric Sleeve Surgery patients can receive their surgery and post-operative care at a fraction of the cost in their home country.

It is important to emphasize that Gastric Sleeve Surgery surgeries in Turkey are of excellent quality and meet all international safety standards. Turkish clinics are equipped with the latest technology and provide a comfortable and safe environment for patients. The results of the operations are both effective and long-lasting in most cases.

Some advantages of performing a Gastric Sleeve Surgery in Turkey are:

  • Cost savings compared to other countries
  • Excellent medical care by experienced doctors
  • Modern facilities and advanced technology
  • Comfortable and safe environment for patients
Type of Gastric ReductionPrice Range in Turkey (£)Price Range in Western European Countries (£)
Standard Gastric Reduction£2.500 £10,000 – £15,000
Mini-Gastric Bypass£3.100£12,000 – £18,000

Turkey Gastric Sleeve Surgery: What is it?

Gastric Sleeve Surgery, also known as bariatric surgery, is a surgical procedure that involves reducing the size of the stomach to reduce weight and treat obesity. There are different types of Gastric Sleeve Surgery procedures, including sleeve gastrectomy and gastric bypass. In Germany, Gastric Sleeve Surgery has become a popular option for people who are struggling with severe obesity and other traditional methods of weight loss have been unsuccessful.

A Gastric Sleeve Surgery can help to reduce hunger pangs and restrict food intake. During a sleeve gastrectomy, a large part of the stomach is removed and the remaining part is shaped into a narrow tube. This means that the stomach can hold less food and the person achieves a feeling of fullness more quickly. In gastric bypass, the stomach is partially bypassed by creating a smaller stomach pouch that is connected to the small intestine. This results in the ingested food being passed directly into the small intestine, reducing the absorption of calories and nutrients.

Suitability for a Gastric Sleeve Surgery

The decision to undergo a Gastric Sleeve Surgery is an important and life-changing choice. However, not everyone is suitable for this procedure. There are certain criteria that must be met in order to be considered a suitable candidate. Below, we will look at some of the most important aspects to determine who may qualify for a Gastric Sleeve Surgery.

Body Mass Index (BMI)

An important factor in evaluating suitability for a Gastric Sleeve Surgery is the body mass index (BMI). The BMI measures the ratio of body weight to height and provides a rough estimate of a person’s body weight. As a rule, a patient’s BMI should be over 40 to qualify for such a procedure. For patients with a BMI between 35 and 40, a Gastric Sleeve Surgery may also be considered if certain comorbidities are present, such as diabetes or high blood pressure.

Psychological evaluation

Suitability for Gastric Sleeve Surgery surgery also involves a psychological evaluation. It is important that patients have realistic expectations and are willing to make lifestyle changes. A psychological test can help determine whether the patient has the necessary motivation and mental stability for the procedure. It is important that patients are willing to make long-term changes to their diet and incorporate regular exercise into their daily routine.

General state of health

The patient’s general state of health also plays a role in their suitability for a Gastric Sleeve Surgery. Individuals with severe cardiovascular disease, liver disease or other chronic illnesses may not be good candidates for this procedure. In addition, potential patients should not have severe eating disorders or addictions. A detailed medical examination and blood tests are carried out to assess the patient’s state of health.

Making the decision

A Gastric Sleeve Surgery is not an easy way to lose weight, but a serious medical procedure that should be carefully considered. Before making a final decision, it is advisable to seek detailed advice from an experienced surgeon. There are renowned clinics for stomach reduction in Turkey that carefully check their patients for suitability and offer high-quality care. Carefully assessing your own health, BMI and willingness to change your lifestyle is the first step towards suitability for a stomach reduction.

Turkey: Best clinics for Gastric Sleeve Surgery

There are several renowned clinics in Turkey that specialize in Gastric Sleeve Surgery. A Gastric Sleeve Surgery, also known as bariatric surgery, is a surgical procedure to help overweight people lose weight. The stomach is reduced in size, which limits food intake.

  1. Clinic for bariatric surgery
    The clinic for bariatric surgery in Turkey is one of the best choices for a Gastric Sleeve Surgery. The highly qualified team of doctors and surgeons have years of experience in performing these operations. The clinic offers state-of-the-art equipment and a comfortable environment for patients. Each patient receives individualized care and attention to their needs.
  2. Clinic for metabolic surgery
    The Clinic for Metabolic Surgery in Turkey is also recommended for Gastric Sleeve Surgery. The experienced team consists of highly qualified surgeons, anesthesiologists and nursing staff. The clinic has state-of-the-art technology and offers patients a comfortable atmosphere throughout the treatment process.
  3. Clinic for bariatric surgery
    The Bariatric Surgery Clinic in Turkey is another good option for Gastric Sleeve Surgery. The clinic is known for its high success rate and expertise in the field of bariatric surgery. The team consists of experienced surgeons, nutritionists and psychologists who provide patients with comprehensive care.
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