There is a direct link between gastric sleeve surgery and pregnancy. Those who have undergone or are planning to undergo gastric sleeve surgery should plan their pregnancy around this procedure. In this way, the pregnancy process will be much more pleasant and comfortable.

does Gastric Sleeve Surgery increase THE LIKELIHOOD OF PREGNANCY?

Gastric Sleeve Surgery is an extremely effective procedure for treating obesity and reducing excess weight. In this procedure, only 80% of the stomach is removed and no further surgery is performed on the patient. For a healthy pregnancy, the expectant mother should be healthy and not overweight. Being overweight makes conception more difficult and increases the risks during pregnancy. It is very important to treat obesity in order to facilitate conception. This is because health problems caused by obesity, such as polycystic ovary syndrome and insulin resistance, can lead to egg dysfunction and miscarriage.

After obesity treatment, all these problems disappear and it is much easier for expectant mothers to get pregnant. In this respect, it is a fact that Gastric Sleeve Surgery increases the chance of pregnancy.


Gastric Sleeve Surgery is a procedure with long-term results. With other surgical procedures, recovery is complete after 4-6 weeks and patients return to their normal lives. With bariatric surgery, however, the situation is different. In addition to recovery, nutrition must also be regulated. Recovery after a Gastric Sleeve Surgery is complete after around 4-6 weeks. However, more time is needed until the diet is in order and the vitamin and mineral balance is no longer problematic. It is therefore recommended that those who have undergone the said operation should not consider pregnancy within the first year. The fact that nutrition is of great importance during pregnancy is the main reason why patients wait for a year. In addition, the doctor’s recommendations should also be considered in this process.

How Should People Who Have Had Gastric Sleeve Surgery Eat During Pregnancy?

Diet is very important for the results of gastric sleeve surgery to be permanent. The fact that the stomach is a flexible organ means that there is a risk of weight regain if diet is not taken into account. On the other hand, it is a fact that special attention should be paid to nutrition during pregnancy. It is known that expectant mothers consume more calories during pregnancy. Nevertheless, it is very important for the candidates to protect themselves from the risk of becoming obese again.

We should chew the food very well and then swallow it

  • Small portions
  • Short intervals between meals
  • Avoid fatty foods, ready meals and fried foods
  • Avoid high-calorie and healthy foods
  • The diet should be rich in protein, fruit and vegetables.
    Blood values are routinely checked during pregnancy. Depending on the blood values, the doctor may prescribe vitamin and mineral supplements. It is important to take these supplements regularly.

HOW LONG AFTER PREGNANCY CAN A Magen reduction be performed?

In the first 6 months after birth, babies need a lot of breast milk and maternal care. Although the need for breast milk is very important up to the age of 2 years, it is especially important in the first 6 months. It is therefore recommended that expectant mothers do not undergo a Gastric Sleeve Surgery during this period. Another important detail is the birth process. While patients recover more quickly after a normal birth, they need more time to recover after a caesarean section. It is therefore important not to prioritize bariatric surgery methods in the first 6 months. The specialist will make the final decision at this time. The specialist surgeon will inform you in detail about when such a procedure is advisable in the further course of the first 6 months.


Patients lose weight very quickly after a Gastric Sleeve Surgery. Some patients lose 10 kg in the first month alone. The weight loss in the first year after the operation is 40-60 kg. Pregnancy can cause expectant mothers to gain weight quickly. It is known that many women gain weight during this process. This situation also applies to those who have undergone Gastric Sleeve Surgery. However, with the help of a specialized nutritionist, this process can be managed without gaining weight. In this way, the results of stomach reduction are maintained even during pregnancy.

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