Gastric Sleeve is one of the most commonly used methods for treating obesity. Although this procedure primarily targets overweight and obesity, it also affects obesity-related diseases. Diabetes is one of them.

Diabetes is a disease that severely limits the quality of life of patients and requires constant drug treatment. Eliminating this disease will improve the quality of life of patients and have a positive impact on their lives.


When the digested nutrients are absorbed, the sugar in the blood should not rise above a certain level. To achieve this, insulin is secreted by the pancreas and the blood sugar level is equalised by the insulin secreted.

In some people, the pancreas cannot produce enough insulin and the blood sugar level rises accordingly. In some people, the pancreas produces enough insulin, but the blood glucose level does not fall due to resistance in the body. In such situations, the blood sugar level rises and the disease occurs. The resulting disease is known as diabetes.


Type 1 diabetes is a disease in which the pancreas does not produce enough insulin. The pancreas is the cause of the problem here. There is no definitive treatment for this disease. Therefore, patients with type 1 diabetes must constantly take medication to lower their sugar levels.


Type 2 diabetes occurs when the insulin produced due to insulin resistance is not effective enough. Although the pancreas is healthy and produces enough insulin, blood sugar levels do not fall. This condition is also known as type 2 diabetes.

Type 2 diabetes patients must take medication to lower their blood sugar. However, if insulin resistance is eliminated, blood sugar levels can be improved without medication.


Insulin resistance, which is the cause of type 2 diabetes, is largely caused by obesity. It is known that a significant proportion of patients with type 2 diabetes are overweight and obese. Studies have shown that one of the main causes of insulin resistance in these people is fat around the waist.

With the Gastric Sleeve procedure, patients are able to lose weight and lose weight effectively. Patients who pay attention to diet and exercise in the post-operative phase can lose 40-50kg in a short period of just 6 months.

The weight loss will significantly reduce the fat in the waist area. This will help to eliminate the problem of insulin resistance. Depending on all these factors, type 2 diabetes will completely disappear in patients and patients will permanently get rid of this important disease.

With the disappearance of insulin resistance, these people will no longer need medication to control their blood sugar. They can continue to live their lives like healthy people.


Type 2 diabetes can be described as a disease caused by insulin resistance. The main cause of this disease is obesity. However, insulin resistance can also occur for other reasons.

After a Gastric Sleeve, a certain effect can be observed in patients with type 2 diabetes. However, it is not possible to cure type 2 diabetes in all patients who have undergone surgery. Some studies indicate that the rate of those who overcome type 2 diabetes through surgery is 60%, and in some studies this rate is 80%.

Gastric Sleeve surgery contributes significantly to the treatment of type 2 diabetes caused by obesity. However, if the disease is due to another cause or factor, Gastric Sleeve surgery will not have the desired effect.


Diabetics have to take insulin externally to lower their blood sugar levels. In addition, various medications can also be used. These people need to be extra careful and take care of themselves compared to other people in order to maintain their health and continue their lives smoothly.

For patients with type 2 diabetes, undergoing a Gastric Sleeve is not an obstacle. There are even people who undergo this surgical procedure to get rid of this disease. This surgical method provides extremely effective results for diabetes caused by obesity.

Gastric Sleeve has positive effects on diabetes. To benefit from these positive effects, an experienced surgeon should be favoured.

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